Outsourcing To The Philippines Our New Business Venture.

matt-wilkie-and-April-WilkieIt was while working in Oman I started to look at the value of outsourcing to the Philippines as although we had a large Indian population of workers there were some serious skill level issues and language problems.

I can see why a lot of work is heading to the Philippines but also I can see the value in Philippines Outsourcing as I needed the services myself.

There was a lot of data entry work needed and being able to scan and email and have staff in the Philippines convert it into spread sheet format saves literally thousands of dollars and hours. It also means that paperwork sent on the night was back to the office by the morning so that any queries or errors could be rectified while surveyors were still on site.

Its the flexibility that primarily makes outsourcing worthwhile as I find in the UK especially office staff there is a mentality of “clocking off” rather than commitment to the job in hand.

Is it people in the Philippines are more hungry for work? I don’t think so I think its more a cultural thing where the expectation of completing a task that is asked is felt that it needs to be done. I have lived in the Philippines for over 5 years myself and you can see a similar divide to attitudes that you find in the UK as well. Those working in call centres have a drive to do their job while in many other sectors tomorrow will do.

At the end of the day though we are looking for results and getting the right people in the Philippines is extremely easy to do. Even on a part-time basis or one off project its extremely viable even for the most simple of tasks. For example taking telephone calls for multiple members of staff ends up screening out a lot of calls that don’t need to be taken saving peoples time. But also those that are urgent can be texted to the people that need to call back or emailed. The fact of the matter is a lot of the headaches are taken away from the day to day operations by taking on a virtual assistant.


About Matt Wilkie

Matt Wilkie experienced Asset Surveyor and FM Manager. Loving the chaos of mobilisation, transition and change management in getting contracts up and running.
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