Matt Wilkie – Living apart from family.

matt wilkie,family,philippinesLearning to live apart from family is part of expat life most people aren’t ready for until it happens.

In reality I have done it most of my life as my family traveled with the military even as I child I was away from extended family for sometimes years.

These days though its continued as I work as a transient expat and often away from the wife and kids for months. My daughter in the UK I don’t get to see as much as I would like but hopefully once she’s hit an age she can make her own travel decisions she will come out to us instead. But its these sorts of things people overlook when thinking about moving out to the Philippines as an expat. But even more so the safety net of having friends and family to rely on you need to rebuild or live without.

I have been lucky enough to see some of my family come out to the Philippines but many things have kept many others away. Generally its the media stories that freak people out, the obsession they will be kidnapped or murdered. Even though to be honest I find the Philippines a lot safer than parts of the UK. But its difficult to change the mindset and it does leave some people out who would love to come to the Philippines. Which is a bit of a pity considering its only things they have read that are stopping them. In reality we live miles away from any conflicts and generally as a tourist people are more likely to not bother with you at all except to maybe want to introduce you to their families.

2012 is just over and into 2013 I am already expecting to be away from home for the first part of this year. Not sure where yet but I am hoping that we will buy another lot this year and develop a family home. my wife April and the kids however will be still in the Philippines while I am abroad. Pity getting passports for the UK aren’t easier as having them would make life so much easier for the family to travel together.

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Matt Wilkie experienced Asset Surveyor and FM Manager. Loving the chaos of mobilisation, transition and change management in getting contracts up and running.
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