Working in the Philippines as an expat

matt wilkie, philippines

I never thought I would be working full-time in the Philippines but here I am!

The call centre is growing and if anything we are starting to see lots of different sectors of our business grow. We are developing diallers for other call centre’s as well as offering many support services to help keep them up and running and profitable.

But even the web design is seeing clients start to stack up something I had initially started as a small side line but we have already added two new PHP programmers to our business as we can see a need for this on a regular basis.

The downside of everything is as an expat in the Philippines I was looking for an easier life yet seem to be finding my life getting busier by the day. Yet can’t grumble as the opportunity is there for the taking but also can see there is huge potential to make this an extremely large business.

But what about expats wanting to work from home?? Fact is we do have openings for those who can sell or able to do appointment setting. One of the things I strive to do is make the business not about cost cutting on salaries but an increased productivity with lower overheads. For example the healthcare expenses in the U.S. are extremely high but we can offer healthcare in the Philippines at a much cheaper rate for our staff. The cost of living in the Philippines is relatively cheap compared to many parts of the world and although places like Makati in Manila is getting expensive. The common sense approach is to simply avoid being there! High rents, high electric costs and risks of flooding are not going to help the business model.

But being on the outskirts of cities we have the same infrastructure but lower running costs and staff have lower living costs. Discussing this with staff already they have said that even if they got paid more in the city the cost of dining, travel and time lost getting to work actually meant they are a lot better off if we paid them less. But actually we are offering similar salaries and packages as companies in IT parks.

The viability of business is reliant on infrastructure and access to good staff. It doesn’t mean it has to be in the middle of the city in prime business locations. If that was the case why did companies outsource in the first place.

Enjoying the new business though and if your an expat looking for work or developing a new business I would recommend getting in touch. As we are always looking to help develop new business.


About Matt Wilkie

Matt Wilkie experienced Asset Surveyor and FM Manager. Loving the chaos of mobilisation, transition and change management in getting contracts up and running.
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4 Responses to Working in the Philippines as an expat

  1. Jean Alaba says:

    You’re doing a great thing here Matt. I admire the sincerity in getting the preference of your staff which in the end is good for both the business and the people’s welfare.

    I hope you do enjoy the Philippines!

    • Matt Wilkie says:

      The Philippines is my home, its given me many opportunities not only financially but for life in general. Even though there are many negative things in the Philippines for me the positives out way everything 10 fold.

  2. AP says:

    Hi Matt, I came across your blog by browsing through some of my commenters’ “likes” and I kept reading and reading. You write so eloquently. I have no plans for moving to the Philippines, but I sure know more now than I had known before about an expat’s life there. I will drop by to see how your wonderful story unfolds. Cheers, Alex

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