Be Happy!

Matt Wilkie - Be Happy!Being happy is something I have found ultimately being sacrificed in the West by things that really do not bring happiness.

Family bonds are replaced with Facebook chats, brands of goods made in China swap out businesses in the West and lead to the death of the high street and a loss of community.  But its not all doom and gloom.

Because its about promoting happiness and realising that many things that are sold to you be it in the media or by purchasing do not make you happy. But seeing the best things in life as always are free and better for your well being.

Spending time with the family doesn’t need to be in Disney World but having those meal times together and going to the park on a Sunday. Doing things without electronics and other disruptions of modern life. Getting back to the roots of happiness, family values and being content with things in life.

Been thinking about this a lot this week as I have spent a lot of time up in my hotel room in Glasgow in the evenings. Been a bit wet and dreary to be walking around taking photos and looking to generate a happiness brand. They won’t make your day change drastically but hopefully create some products and insights on happiness and what makes people really happy in life.



About Matt Wilkie

Matt Wilkie experienced Asset Surveyor and FM Manager. Loving the chaos of mobilisation, transition and change management in getting contracts up and running.
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