Matt Wilkie and Family

I am Matt Wilkie who is married to April wilkie. These are our kids Ewe and Zoei, we live

in Cebu,Philippines and I commute internationally as a surveyor and engineer. We have been living as a family in the Philippines since 2007 when I first made the move just before the recession kicked in.

Over the years life has developed to the point now where we are starting to spread our wings a bit more and currently looking to start our own Outsourcing company in the Philippines.

My work is primarily based round asset surveying though which is our main source of income when I travel abroad. A little bit of a different lifestyle to most as I can be overseas for months working on contracts.

At the same time we enjoy a very good standard of living and the ability to watch our kids grow up. Besides this I enjoy blogging and have many websites online although most are based around the expat communities and life in the Philippines.

You can find me @ Linkedin / Facebook / Twitter


3 Responses to About

  1. Minda Carpio says:

    HI Matt! My name is Minda . I landed in your blog when I was checking the restaurants in Tabunok. I am a consultant for Shopping Centers in the Philippines and I have three projects in Cebu,one of which is in Tabunok.I am from Manila, hence the need to know how the Expats and Locals shop and dine is very important.I found your comments on some restaurants very helpful.
    Thank you.

  2. Jean Alaba says:

    There must be something alluring in Cebu because most of the expats I know fell deeply in love with that place. One of the trainers in our bank actually set up his own diving business in Cebu.

    Nice to know you’re having a great time here in the Philippines.

    • Matt Wilkie says:

      Cebu being the tourist capital of the Philippines draws many people here as the first destination. Not sure if its because its not as busy as Manila or that its central to the Philippines as a whole. Either way your 100% right.

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